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    Full Game

    By now you should have battled your way through the minions of the Demo Game and be ready to transfer your group to the full game. Be prepared to expand your magic, discover fabulous wealth, explore deep dungeons and slay dragons.


    There are several different payment options available. You can pay for a set number of turns, or choose unlimited turns but over a set period of time. You can swap between payment options anytime.

    1. £2.00 for 10 turns
    2. £5.00 for 40 turns
    3. £10 for 7 days (168 hours) unlimited turns*
    4. £30 for 31 days (744 hours) unlimited turns*
    * With options 3 and 4, if for any reason the service stops, e.g. our Internet link goes down, your game clock stops and only restarts when service resumes.

    If you have money in your KJC account, this will be used to pay for your Quest Unlimited turns. If not, you can easily put money into your account by using credit card, paypal or standing order. You can modify your account details online in order to add a card, change email address, make a payment and other options.

    You can credit your account using PayPal (use
    We can also take credit card details and account changes over the phone on +44 (0)1253 670146.
    Finally, payments can be sent by post (MAKE SURE to include your account number) to:
    KJC Games 31 Raymond Ave, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY2 0TY UK

    Map of World 20
    Cities are marked in red. Hover over to reveal names

    Map of Quest Online

    Free-Play Times:

    There are periods when the game is free to play. These are:

    Saturday & Sunday
    Weekend Mornings:
    10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

    Wednesday Evenings:
    7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

    (British Local Times)


    If you remain inactive for 30 days a free reminder turn will be sent to you. A second free reminder is sent after 60 days of inactivity, and a "party reservation" fee of 1 is then charged to your account. This 60 day sequence then begins again.
    Don't forget the free-play times!

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