Advanced Rulebook



The anti-annihilation routine was added to 2nd Age to prevent fights between two parties where one would have been overwhelmed. If a fight occurs and the winner is told that the anti-annihilation routine prevented the fight, then there is now a chance that the party who would have won will gain all the items in the oppositions plunder slot.

If a party is involved in a special aspect such as a Quest or item and they are attacked, stolen from, or whatever, and they, or an aligned party, try to attack the opposition party so that they can get a special item back, but the opposition party would have been annihilated so the anti-annihilation triggers and prevents the fight, then they can contact the GM and, after providing the appropriate information, and ask the GM to return the item. This is because the anti-annihilation routine exists to prevent parties from being slaughtered; it is not a way to get round combat. So if a weak party is used to steal special items, they realistically couldn't stop the other party from regaining possession of the special item.

N.B. This only applies to parties that have stolen moderation items, not to other items, and cannot be fought due to the AAR. So do not attack a party and demand their equipment, etc.

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