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A player may only be part of one Alliance in one world. Thus, if a player has several parties, and one joins an Alliance, then the other parties either stay independent or join the same Alliance. See the Cheating section.


Only one Alliance is allowed per settlement.

An Alliance can only have one HQ. If two Alliance are set to friendly, then they can use each other's HQ, even if they are hidden. This covers both shop services and also parties automatically sleeping at their allied HQ. It is possible to set up another Alliance Building, which is carried out in the form of a Player Controlled Shop (see below).

The Alliance Head can see all player names and addresses, even if the player has set the privacy option to on. This is because players can swap parties - and there have been cases in the past of parties being run by different players and the Alliance having no idea who they are. An Alliance is a team; so a player's identity cannot be kept from the Alliance leader.

These Alliance rules over-ride the rules on the Alliance Information Sheet.


An Alliance is taxed 1% of its funds each game week. This is a constant tax, and all the various upkeep costs must be found as well. An Alliance with no Gold will fold. This may not happen immediately, but it will happen. The result of having no Gold could be a fine from the settlement, or the Alliance being kicked out of the settlement. This tax cannot be avoided; the cost and consequences are just not worth it.


AG (Target Alliance) (Amount)

Alliance Give now allows the Treasurer or Head to give up to 15,000 gold to another Alliance from the Alliance bank account. The Alliance Head and Treasurer are informed if any gold is given to another Alliance and also if another Alliance has given their Alliance any gold.

For Example:AG 119 15000 will give Alliance 119 15,000 gold

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AV (vote) (1 for yes, 2 for no)

Alliance voting is a moderation addition that is primarily used at Rank 3 for the Organisation to enable the entire Alliance membership to vote on a topic.

If the Alliance would like to have a subject voted on with this method then a SA can be used to contact the GM with a short summary of what the vote is about.

The Alliance head will be given a breakdown of who voted for what. If you don't vote in time then you classed as abstained. All members of the Alliance receive a summary of the vote once the vote time has passed.

For Example: The Settlement-State of Avaellia has issued a vote to decide whether it should move against the Settlement-State of Tavack. Vote 1 for yes, 2 for no.

This benefits the current game mechanics, as it firstly requires a party to be run to vote, and it also allows every party to be involved.


Alliances have a storeroom that can hold Power Scrolls or Messages. Any transactions with the storeroom will generate a message on the next turn of the Alliance Head and HQ Manager.

Hand Item order:

Any party can deliver a Power Scroll or Message to any Alliance storeroom.

HI (char/plunder 1-16) (item)

For Example: HI 16 101234 means item 101234 will be taken from the party's plunder and placed in the Alliance storeroom.

Take Item Order:

Only Alliance members can use the Take Item order with an Alliance storeroom, thus the party needs to be in the same settlement as their Alliance HQ.

TI (char 1-15) (item)

For Example: TI 14 101234 means character 14 will take item 101234 from the Alliance storeroom.

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