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As mentioned in the basic rulebook the four main races are Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfblood. The following is an overview of these four races.


Humans make up most of the population of civilised Kharne and have the widest range of abilities. They are also the most adaptable of the adventuring races and although they have no great advantage in any field, nor do they have any special weaknesses. They have no natural weapon preferences but, by the same token, they do not have any aversions to specific weapons. Humans are slightly resilient to critical hits due to their physique.

Humans often stand around six feet in height and have generally brown or black hair - although reds and blondes are not uncommon. Eye colour tends towards brown or blue, while green are considered quite rare and are often associated with Elven heritage. Human clothing tends to be based on whatever station the person has attained in life. Most settlement folk and nobles prefer fine spun silks with rich embroidery, while peasants have little more than homespun wool shirts and pants, with hide shoes.


These graceful beings are by far the most intelligent of the civilised races. Most of Kharne's greatest Mages are Elves. Their keen eyes and steady nerves make them very accurate with missile weapons, but they are less hardy than other races and this can put them at a disadvantage in mêlée combat. Elves have a natural aptitude for the bow; their fingers seem to nearly conjure the arrow from the quiver to the string. This talent for swift movement is also demonstrated with swords. Elves tend to be flighty characters. Maybe it is something to do with their acknowledged fairy heritage or their long life-span that instils a prominent desire for self preservation as even after a few scratches they tend to run for cover.
Most Elves are around five feet in height, although there are a few rare individuals that reach heights of nearly seven feet. These are said to be the oldest Elves and they do not stop to talk with others except in unusual times. Common hair colour is blonde, and is often worn long and loose by both genders. They prefer loose fitting garb that is often near invisible although this is reserved for Elven-only gatherings. The cat like shape of the pupil immediately distinguishes them from other races and mainly Humans, and with common eye colours that are invariably a vibrant green with flecks of gold it only further makes the differences between Elves and other races the more obvious

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Short and stocky but immensely strong, Dwarves are tough as old boots and always ready for a good fight. They are often still in the thick of things after members of other races are little more than dust on the horizon. All Dwarves, even females, proudly display long thick beards. Their short stature makes it difficult for them to use certain large weapons, such as great-swords and long bows. It is rumoured that even before being able to walk they are able to wield a smithing hammer, and it is true that they prefer the hammer in combat, although an axe is also closely associated with Dwarves - even though they are not renowned for chopping wood. With fingers like stone, it is hardly surprising that they can span a crossbow with their bare hands. This remarkable display of fortitude saves vital moments normally lost during reloading; this makes the crossbow their favoured missile weapon. Dwarves are also somewhat resilient to critical hits due to their tough stature.
     Dwarves are said to have bones of stone. While this is not actually true, their grey pallor and grim appearance likens them to the mountains they are fond of mining. They stand between four and five feet in height and are nearly as broad. Their beards are black or brown although older Dwarves may get grey patches. Legends have it that the oldest Dwarven kings lived so long that their entire beards became white. With thick bristly eyebrows, Dwarves eyes appear as little more than blackened pits with an occasional flicker of light from the depths, generally when talking about Gold. Dwarves are nothing if not practical, favouring heavy cloaks and thick sturdy clothing with a wide belt. Ostentation comes in little more than finely wrought jewellery, such as a necklace worn beneath their shirt, or an elaborate ring. To be shown these is a rare gift of acceptance that they only bestow on a few.


These are the mongrels of Kharne, usually the offspring of Human and Orc, or Human and Goblin, mating. They are normally outcasts from their respective communities, and this usually results in them having excellent awareness and reflexes but sometimes not being very educated. Living an early life by their wits and cunning, and fearing that bigger and stronger individuals will take from them anything that cannot be concealed, has meant that many have only been able to train with daggers, slings and bare fists. This makes them the swiftest Fighters, although their preferred weapons rarely deliver much damage unless somehow enchanted. Like Elves, they have developed a rather keen interest in preserving their own hides and they will gladly abandon their adventuring allies should things look a little bleak.
     Halfbloods often appear as malnourished and hideously grotesque Humans. It is rare, in fact unheard of, for one to be without a number of scars. A Halfblood with both ears is probably not one to mess with, as they are usually bitten off in infancy. Most take no pride in their appearance and will often avoid water, bathing only when caught in a sudden downpour. They laugh at others' misfortunes, as it is always a relief not to be on the receiving end. As, from an early age, they have had to fight to eat, many will gorge until they vomit while others have not been adverse to digging up a recently buried ally for a midnight snack, especially if they were in the prime of their life when they died. If asked whether the reason for their behaviour is a result of what they are or how they were brought up, most would reply that they do not care either way.

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