Advanced Rulebook


Alliance messages will appear at the top of the party's turn, in the Events Between Turns section. Personal messages appear at the bottom of the turn, in the Personal Message from the Referee section.
In messages the Alliance name is often mentioned as an abbreviation.

For Example: Mystics of Avaellia is referred to as MA.

Messages will often appear on a party's turn covering a wide range of things like special blurbs, events or Special Quests. Some of these messages will be detailed, whilst others may be vague such as having no item number or monster number, in which case the information should say something to let the player know that the information that is missing due to story reasons and not a GM mistake.

For Example: There are two Servants of Fleyshur monster groups 5 sectors NW of Avaellia, unfortunately their identity numbers are not known. Samuel.
OOC - Sq31-ma13/8/02-1.

Messages that are to an Alliance will be distinguishable from those that are sent to an individual party by where the message is shown on the turn, see above Messages on turns. In the case of a message saying 'you' when sent to the whole Alliance, 'you' refers to the Alliance, not to the party.

It is possible that several parties will contact the GM about something at the same time; in cases like this where timing is important, the party that contacted the GM first will gain priority.


It is possible that the results of an action could be delayed due to the action taking place at a later date. If an action results in an NPC being given something to look in to, or a task to carryout then the results could be given to the party or Alliance at a later date. Unless a specific date was given in the action results for the next result then wait a moderation cycle, 4 weeks from the last action, and then contact the GM.

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