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As it requires dedication to get anywhere within these Organisations, it is not possible to join any more than three Organisations.
The first choice is the principle motivation, the second choice takes second place and the third choice is a background motivation.

  • If an Alliance chooses only one goal then they will receive a regular bonus to their Status - as they have dedicated themselves.
  • If an Alliance chooses two goals, then the first goal will get a small bonus regularly and the second goal will receive nothing.
  • If the Alliance chooses three goals, then the first goal will receive no bonus, the second goal no bonus and the third goal will receive a regular negative modifier to its Status. The third goal Status will not go negative due to this modifier. One of the goals has to be associated with the settlement where the Alliance HQ is.

Thus an Alliance that tries to spread its power base too far is likely to miss out in specific areas as they will find it extremely difficult to attain the higher ranks, but they are likely to have a better range of possibilities. Whilst an Alliance that dedicates itself is likely to rise in Status quicker, and thus hold the more important ranks, but they will lose out on a diverse range of abilities.
All the Organisations have to be based in the same settlement.
N.B. An Alliance will normally be offered two Special Quests during each moderation period.
The goal choices are: -

Magic Cyrcle One of the 8 Gods
Thieves Guild Bankers & Merchants Guild
Settlement with the Alliance HQ Philosophy: Good
Philosophy: Evil Philosophy: War
Philosophy: Peace


Example: An Alliance decides to work for the settlement of Avernellia and the Magic Cyrcle, even though the Magic Cyrcle has no power in Avernellia. This means the Alliance will try to increase the power of both the Magic Cyrcle and Avernellia, which in the long-term will likely end up associated. No third option was stated, thus allowing for more time to dedicate on the other two.
Example: An Alliance decides to work for the Thieves Guild. Obviously since the Alliance has not chosen to align themselves with the settlement, it can spend more time on its main priorities.
Example: An Alliance chooses to work for Baldor, the settlement, and finally the Magic Cyrcle. Baldor is neutral with regards to war or peace, plus will help keep the settlement prosperous, as per Baldor's nature. The additional association with the Magic Cyrcle they hope will help keep the settlement safe.

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Example: An Alliance decides to work with Sundonak, the Magic Cyrcle and finally the settlement its HQ is in. Sundonak prefers to not use Magic, so a conflict of interests is likely, although not a major one.Example: An Alliance decides to settle in a settlement that is anti-Baldor, so choosing Baldor, or a Good Philosophy, as one of its goals is going to cause a problem with the settlement. Unless the Alliance specifically wants to influence the settlement into changing its attitude, which will be time consuming, it would be best to avoid this situation.


Example: An Alliance decides it wants to work with Garthrana & Fleyshur. These two Gods are directly opposed, and therefore the Alliance would have to wipe itself out. In short, choosing two Gods that are not next to each other on the Alignment Chart, for example, Ythcal and Phyloqure is not allowed, etc.
Example: An Alliance wants to choose Bankers & Merchant Guild, Thieves Guild and Temple of Novala. Since three goals are being chosen one of them has to be the Alliances home settlement.
Example: An Alliance wants to choose the Temple of Sundonak in settlement (12) and the Settlement Officials in settlement (11).


An Alliance that sets either a Philosophy or a God as one of its goals will need to set its Religious Option On for the Alliance when the Alliance is formed, if it does not, then the Games Master will do it. As long as an Alliance does not choose opposing Gods and/or Philosophies they can have any combination of goals


To carry a Special Action out the Alliance Hierarchy will need to contact the Games Master. If the Alliance wants to reprioritise its goals, this can be done with a simple amendment message, but this also results in a Status amendment to all goals involved. If the Alliance wants to add a new goal, it is straightforward as long as there is a spare goal slot available. If there is not, then one will have to be dropped. Additional goals will cause a drop in Status of all the other goals. If the Alliance drops one of its goals, all details concerned with the Guild/Temple/Settlement will be brought to an end and all ties severed. This includes Alliances with high-ranking Status that decide to change one of their goals - all of the Status is lost. In addition, special items and rituals/spells may be lost. Investments are likely to be returned, loans require immediate repayment and insured savings accounts will be closed - plus a fee is likely to be charged. Lastly, if the Alliance has become an important member and has gained access to important information, then it may end up being hunted down for its 'betrayal'. There will be a month (real time) gap between the Alliance asking to have a new goal and the Alliance being able to interact with the new goal, be it Guild/Temple/Settlement. If the Alliance intends to drop a goal, then they should not attempt to interact with it for a month (real time), instead the Special Actions and Quests that the Alliance would have been entitled to are used in sorting out the amendment details.

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Warning: Since this system is completely moderated and the information is hidden it cannot be cheated. If an Alliance sets only one Goal, and decides to change to multiple goals at a later date, believing that this is a quick way to gain power in the game, this will not work.


There are four ranks, each one more and more difficult to reach; the fourth Rank is extremely difficult to reach and also to sustain.Status is a hidden game mechanic. The more Status an Alliance has the more likely they will increase in Rank, and the more influence they can exert with the Organisation. Status can be left to build up; the higher the Status, the more important the Quests that are offered, the better the range of Special Action options and the more information that will likely be passed onto the Alliance. Or Status can be used possibly along with Gold to issue Actions like the standardised SA explained in the 'Standardised SA' section. The status cost depends on factors like who is asking, who is being asked, what the current social & economic climate is, and what has been asked.Another modifier to Actions is the Alliance's Rank, the higher the rank the less likely the cost in Status.

For Example: Only asking for a loan of 30,000 Gold from the Merchant & Bankers Guild, which is a Rank 1 B&M standardised request, would cost less for a Rank 3 Alliance.

In short the better opinion and standing the Alliance has, the more chance there is of a reduction in cost. It is possible that an Alliance can ask their liaison to petition another Organisation's Officials to request a Special Action that is a speciality of the other Organisation; this is likely at an increased cost, the amount depending on the political climate. If a Special Action is used to persuade the Alliances liaison to its chosen Organisation then it may require Status as well.
Special Actions that are issued to interact with other NPCs that are not directly part of the Alliance's chosen Organisation do not cost

Status and Rank represent the political climate and boon system that Alliances and an Organisation use. In short, if the Alliance is not dealing with their Organisation then no Status cost is required.

As the system is dynamic, and also to prevent anyone from trying to abuse it, an explanation of the Status point system will not be distributed.


Rank 1 means that an Alliance is working with an Organisation but are likely still considered outsiders and minor members. Trust and dependability are big factors at Rank 1, as the Alliance needs to prove that it is trustworthy and that they can be relied upon to complete the Special Quests issued.

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At Rank 2 an Alliance has proven that it can be trusted to carry out and complete Special Quests. The Alliance's opinion is more important to the Organisation than at Rank 1 and there are times when the Alliance's input about important subjects will be requested, but generally the Alliance is still considered to be outsiders from the Organisation.


To achieve Rank 3 with an Organisation the Alliance needs to not only build up its status, but also to show that it is worthy of being elevated in to the Organisation Hierarchy. Having high status represents the fact that the Alliance are probably very good at being "Yes-People", however being in a position of leadership requires more than being good at following orders.


The amount is different for each Organisation, and there is some leeway in the system, but at least six training sessions must have been purchased in any of the following skills. This is required as the Alliance must be somewhat competent, and whilst it is possible to have lots of skill training but not be very skilled this is a rare problem.

Bankers & Merchants Guild Appraisal, COC: Formal Etiquette, Commerce, Subterfuge
Thieves Guild Acting/Disguise Advanced Larceny, COC: Street Wits, Commerce, Cryptography, Forgery, Interrogation, Subterfuge
Magic Cyrcle Appraisal, COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Cryptography, Magic Ritual, Subterfuge
Baldor Temple COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Investigation, Baldor Ritual, Baldor Sermon, Subterfuge, Mass Heal, Mass Alleviate Disease
Garthrana Temple COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Fortifications, Strategy, Garthrana Ritual, Garthrana Sermon
Sundonak Temple COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Fortifications, Strategy, Sundonak Ritual, Sundonak Sermon
Fleyshur Temple COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Fortifications, Strategy, Fleyshur Ritual, Fleyshur Sermon
Ythcal Temple COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Interrogation, Ythcal Ritual, Ythcal Sermon, Subterfuge
Molwanh Temple COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Molwanh Ritual, Molwanh Sermon, Subterfuge
Novala Temple Acting/Disguise, Appraisal, COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Commerce, Novala Ritual, Novala Sermon, Subterfuge
Phyloqure Temple Appraisal, COC: Ritualised Etiquette, Cryptography, Investigation, Phyloqure Ritual, Phyloqure Sermon, Subterfuge
Settlement Officials COC: Formal Etiquette, COC: Ritualised Etiquette, COC: Street Wits, Investigation, Interrogation, Subterfuge

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This will be in the form of a series of special quests or events culminating in most likely some big quest. This is to prove that the Alliance is worthy of real power, so to speak. It also simulates the fact that the Alliance has removed blatant opposition to any advancement by making the Alliance latest deeds so impressive that to not reward them would be very bad and possibly outright dangerous. The test varies on the Organisation and their current situation, but will normally be of the theme of the Organisation.
When an Alliance is nearing the required amount of status for Rank 3 with an Organisation the Alliance members may be asked by the GM what they think will make a good initiation quest. There is a chance that events are already in motion and thus the Alliance may suddenly be told that it will be undergoing its Rank 3 initiation quest. It is possible that the Alliance could sort out a situation that may not have even been an official Special Quest and upon the situation reaching a certain point the Alliance members are told that they have completed or failed their initiation test!


A total of 250,000 gold has to be donated to the Organisation. Previous SA for gold donations will be included in this figure. A SA can be used at any time to donate smaller sums until the figure is reached.


The Alliance needs to have upgraded its HQ; see the section 'Alliance HQ Upgrade'.


The following is a breakdown of what sort of things Alliance members will gain for being Rank 3.


The Alliance has Voting Powers, or in the case of an Organisation ruled by tyranny the ability to influence the leaders. The details about the vote order are explained in the Orders Section


The Alliance is given information appropriate to their Organisation and its dealings with other Organisations. Alliances in different Organisation will gain different information. The following list gives a good idea of what to expect. The amount of information will vary, mostly dependent on two factors, the Alliance's skills and the number of active parties. A small Alliance will usually have less information but this is not always the case, since skill is more important than size; however size is still a big factor in the equation. The information provided normally includes a breakdown of the following:
If the Alliance wants to investigate any of the following areas except those chosen as the Special Quests then they should do so without contacting the liaison. If the Alliance does contact the liaison it will cost a SA as normal to ask questions about a topic that is not a specific Alliance Quest.

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To make it easier for both GM and players each piece of information has a special code to help keep track of when the information was given; see the sample Rank 3 turn below for examples.

  • Settlement's categories, Food, Magic, Maintenance, Military, Trade, Treasury & Morale.
    • This section is explained in more detail in the Settlement's categories.
  • Current Positive Settlement Conditions
    • This section lists how many weeks it is estimated that a positive settlement enhancement will last. For example: Enhanced Fortifications 7 weeks.
  • Current Negative Settlement Conditions
    • This section lists how many weeks it is estimated that a negative settlement enhancement will last. For example: Plague 5 weeks.
  • Information from the Alliance's Organisation
    • This section gives the Alliance information about the Organisation the Alliance works with/for. The information can vary greatly, depending on the Organisation and the current political climate, such as topics that the Organisation is interested in, news about the settlement the Organisation is based in, news about a high-ranking member who is ill, and so on.
    • From the list of information presented in this section of the Rank 3 turn the Alliance members can choose two subjects to carry out as official Alliance Special Quests. The other information can be used/pursued by the Alliance in any way they decide, but the Organisation is primarily concerned with the two chosen Special Quests. As with the Special Quests the Alliance has carried out previously for Rank 1 and Rank 2, the Rank 3 Special Quests require the Organisation liaison to be informed of its completion. XP is given out for the chosen Special Quests at an appropriate time, normally when the Quest is completed once the liaison is informed, gold may also be given out.
    • If the Alliance works with more than one Organisation and the other Organisation gives a SQ out that cycle then only 1 SQ can be designated from the Rank 3 details. The rule that an Alliance only ever has 2 SQ a moderation cycle applies even here.
  • Job Board
    • The Alliance should not contact the Organisation Liaison before carrying out the job, unless the job obviously requires the Alliance to do so. This is the same as SQs.
      For example a job to rob a target means the Alliance can simply issue a SA to rob the target; all information is known IC so there is no need to contact the GM, in fact it is not allowed unless a SA is used.
      For example a job that specifies that the Alliance need to contact the Organisation Liaison for up to date information would then require the Alliance to contact the Organisation Liaison.
    • This section gives the Alliance opportunities to carry out extra work, which can earn the Alliance status, favours, gold, moderation items as well as negative results such as enemies, loss of status, etc.
    • The jobs do not give Experience Points; jobs do not count as Special Quests.

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    • The Alliance has until the next cycle to carry out a job, if the job is left too long then the job will expire, unless the Alliance is specifically told otherwise. If an Alliance attempts to carry out a job that has expired then it could cost the Alliance a SA as the job is attempted.
    • The Alliance needs to inform the Organisation Liaison that a job has been completed, just like when a SQ is carried out; if the Alliance does not contact the Organisation Liaison then it is very likely the Alliance will not be paid. Also not informing the Organisation Liaison could result in a loss of status.
  • Information from other Organisations and Settlements
    • This section gives the Alliance information about the other Organisations and Settlements. The information can vary greatly but tends to be topics that the Organisation is vaguely interested in but are not as important as the information in the "Information from the Alliance's Organisation" section.
  • Trade Deals of Note
    • This section gives the Alliance information about trade deals that may be available, such as investment opportunities, merchant caravans, extortion, etc.
  • General Divine News
    • This section gives the Alliance information about Divine news from primarily around the region of the world where the Alliance is based.
  • Battle Reports.
    • This section gives the Alliance information about any major settlement battles that have taken place.

The following list gives an overview of what the different Organisations tend to give out in addition to the information categories listed above. This list contains both information and powers. It is important to note that this list is not exclusive, and that it is quite possible for the different Organisations to give an advantage that might not be their normal sort. For example: The Magic Cyrcle providing extra moneymaking schemes.

Bankers & Merchants Guild More moneymaking schemes are commonplace such as Trade details and possibly even scams.
Thieves Guild More moneymaking schemes are commonplace usually in the form of Extortion or Robberies.Information on NPCs, such as things that are useful for blackmailing as well as gossip.
Magic Cyrcle Empowering of items can be cheaper.
Access to specialised/rarer spells and powers.
Baldor Temple Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Empowering of items can be cheaper.
Possibility of Divine Contact.
Garthrana Temple Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Empowering of items can be cheaper.
Possibility of Divine Contact.
Sundonak Temple Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Empowering of items can be cheaper.
Possibility of Divine Contact.
Fleyshur Temple Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Empowering of items can be cheaper.
Possibility of Divine Contact.

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Ythcal Temple Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Empowering of items can be cheaper.
Possibility of Divine Contact.
Information on NPCs, such as things that are useful for blackmailing as well as gossip.
Molwanh Temple Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Terrain & Monster Info (Empathic Land relation forms).
Possibility of Divine Contact.
Novala Temple Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Scrying Info, Drug production, Moneymaking schemes are commonplace.
Possibility of Divine Contact.
Phyloqure Temple Empowering of items can be cheaper.
Access to specialised/rarer miracles and powers.
Information on NPCs, such as things that are useful for blackmailing as well as gossip.
Possibility of Divine Contact.
Settlement Officials Mixture of the above, which can vary greatly depending on the influence of the various Organisations with the settlement.
Influence in nearby settlements, particularly if part of Settlement-State.
Varying amounts of influence in all Organisations in Settlement - whilst all Organisations can do this the Settlement-State is the land the other Organisations occupy, and the Settlement-State has, by a long way, the biggest army so its slightly more effective.


When others deal with the Alliance it will be less likely that they will dismiss what the Alliance says or does. This is quite beneficial when asking other Organisations for services, advice, etc. There is a negative aspect to this that is worth keeping in mind, whilst talking to others in the home settlement responses are generally better, unless the NPC is trying to undermine the Alliance. In different settlements Organisations may see the Alliance members as quite dangerous; and whilst this can work in the Alliance's favour it might not.


Each cycle the Alliance has a FA to purchase between 1 and 3 PS in a single request. The first request received uses the FA, so make sure that if more than 1 PS is required it is requested in the same action.

For Example: Hermetics (1475) Game 31, Mystics of Avaellia 111, Account Number: 12345, Bobby Joe Smith
Using the Alliance's FA this cycle the Alliance would like to purchase a PS: Persuasion and a PS: Mind Search from the Magic Cyrcle, paying up to 30,000 gold that can be taken from the Alliance's bank account

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It is much more likely that the Organisation will produce PS for the Alliance to use, and the Alliance could get them at discounted price. Price depends on the PS in relation to the Organisation but generally a price reduction will be between 10% to 25%.

Bankers & Merchants Guild Movement, Security and Social
Thieves Guild Scrying, Social and Security
Magic Cyrcle Scrying, Counter and Enchantment
Baldor Temple Social and Healing
Garthrana Temple Battle and Fortification
Sundonak Temple Battle and Fortification
Fleyshur Temple Battle and Evil
Ythcal Temple Social and Evil
Molwanh Temple Evil and Elemental
Novala Temple Scrying, Social and Movement
Phyloqure Temple Counter, Social and Scrying
Settlement Officials Social and Fortifications


The plan is to implement an overhaul of the current settlement HQ system. Initially some updates to the HQ are to be carried out. The overhaul will include defence items that will help Alliance parties defend themselves if attacked whilst in the settlement, more defences for the HQ, counter-measures for anti-thieving and in the long-term research capabilities for new spells.


Following on from the information given in the Organisation Liaison section. Asking for advice on anything such as SQ will very likely cost more status once an Alliance reaches Rank 3, as the Alliance is now expected to have a lot of understanding of how aspects in the world work, the Alliance is no longer seen as merely lackeys. In short the Alliance needs to show that it can think for itself.

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